“The Lady Expounds” — A Descriptive Poem

The following is a (bad) poem I wrote as an introduction to my main blog, formerly known as “The Lady Expounds”.  I am posting it here for the sake of posterity.  🙂

~ Lady Tam~

Who Is This Lady?

*  *  *  *

A blogger, a writer.
A sometime traveler.
A former missionary.
A future teacher.


A wife.
A lover.
A game changer.


An agent of chaos.
A proponent for peace.


A Christian.
And philosopher.
A learner of cultures.


A helper.
A friend.
Never a mother.


A Goth
With an inner Lolita.
Never average.
(Or that’s what
Most people say.)


A minor poet
Though no Dickenson.


May my words be used
By The Man Upstairs.
Let them be used to


To my world.

*  *  *  *


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