Day 23: Dearest Vincent: An Ekphrastic Poem

The Suggestion.

The Exposition.

The Poem Itself:

"Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear" by Vincent van Gogh

Dearest Vincent

Mr. van Gogh,

Your fuzzy hat

Your buttoned coat, so

Warm looking,

Your face, so

Pleasant, so calming.

It hides a deep passion.

Love, Loyalty

And Infatuation.

These you had

For your dearest



You bandaged your ear

After that terrible fight

Did you leave it there

For a woman of the night?

Did you put it, bloodied

Into her hands, now her plight?


No!  Your secret, now uncovered

Proves a different tale

Of friendship,

Perhaps love infantile

Unrequited affection?

Your pale complexion

Hides these well.

You were loyal to the end,

But Time reveals

All secrets.

Even the ancient pyramids,

And ancient Pharaohs with their anklets

Are now revealed!


Rest in peace,

My dear Vincent!

Though you were poor in life,

Surely now your spirit

Emits a happy sigh!

Your name, we now know it!

And even about that epic fight

Of your tortured spirit.


Sleep well,

My dear Vincent,

Sleep well!

May your soul be carried

On the wings of angels

So you may know peace

For your tormented soul.

Good night, dear Vincent

Dearest Vincent van Gogh.


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