Day 19: Opposite Day

Suggestion for April 19, 2012:

Re-write a poem so that each line is the opposite of what it was originally.  This can even be your own poem, if you wish!

(Click for original post on NaPoWriMo’s site.)


Yesterday’s suggestion was to write a lullaby.  On top of  having a splitting sinus headache for most of the day yesterday, I’m somewhat crap at coming up with songs.  Especially children’s songs.  Still, I may revisit this idea later.  But right now, there’s definitely some old, very depressing, ‘poetry’ of mine I’d like to rewrite.  (I’m not reposting the original poem.  It’s just too depressing.)

Just for fun, see if you can guess what my original poem was in regards to!  

Good luck!  

Today’s Poetry:


Your unemployment is your freedom




Those are what you have.

When you are unemployed.

As colorful as a completed painting on a canvas!

As full of life as the Amazon Rain Forest!

As bright as a new sports car!

You are busy!

You are ecstatic!

You are stress-free!

You are hopeful!

There’s a place

Close to here

Where you were melancholy

Because you were skilled.

Where is that real place

Of not so long ago?

What happened to it?

It was regurgitated

By the Water Company from space

By Death never changing

By the time you can’t remember.

How do you stay then?

How do you be lazy then?

You go there!

Freed for a short time

From computers

USB sticks,

And without protection!

What did you lose?

An old memory?

Where did you stay

To be emptied?

Being lazy is BAD

So LaVey’s book says!

But Lavey is WRONG!

And no, your laziness isn’t fun.

“Laziness is useless.”

That is your command!

But the command

Of no one else.

You are happy!

You are industrious!

You know what you want!

And you don’t know,

Whenever they are,

They aren’t what YOU don’t have!

That is



Don’t want to be.


Prithee, speaketh!

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